Six different rooms

The guest house has six different types of rooms each one of which brings its own name inspired by the names of five Nymphs of the Greek mythology. Daphne the Nymph of the forests, Eurydice Apollo’s daughter, Faethousa one of Helios’ daughters, Calypso and Lambetia daughters of Helios and sisters of Faethousa and Phylira, daughter of Ocean.

The rooms are characterized by the respect to the local tradition of architecture, the care and the good sense of taste by its owners along with the unique touch of the painter, Giorgos Badolas, who has created the beautiful paintings that decorate the hotel.



  1. Individual Heating System
  2. Telephone
  3. Cable TV with satellite channels
  4. Hairdryers at the bathrooms
  5. Personal Hygiene Products
  6. Mattresses, pillows and clothing by COCO-MAT

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