Hotel Nymfes Hotel Nymfes Hotel Nymfes Hotel Nymfes

1st DAY

First acquaintance with Nymfeo

Once arriving at the hotel "Nymfes" in the fairytale-like village, we welcome you with home-made liqueur. Enjoy this drink on our patio, in our cafe or on the terrace of our hotel while enjoying the beauty of the village in front of you.

Later when you make your walk through the village, the beauty of it travels you back in time. The architecture of the imposing buildings (Macedonian architecture with special features), the narrow streets as well as the beautiful beech forest which surrounds the village, in the heart of Vitsi, give you the impression of being in a fairytale. It is reasonable that N. Mertzios inspired by the novel of P. Delta (Fairytale without name) once said:" The fairytale finally gets a name: "NYMFEO")

After your walk, in a height of 1,350m, and should you have appetite, you can enjoy a meal in the square of the village or in the hotel itself, which is accompanied by regional red vine "Xinomavro"

2nd DAY

Visiting of "Arktouros", the shelter of the wolf and activities

Start your hiking at "Nikeio Sholi" where you get informed about the program "Arktouros". Crossing the village you head in the direction of the shelter of the brown bear. Out of the village, the way to the shelter continues in the beech forest. There you can see and learn about the brown bear.

Later on you can visit the shelter of the wolf which is located on the 13th kilometer from Nymfeo.

You can go boating or canoeing on the lake Zazari or horse riding in the nearby forest or cycling.

Moreover, you can have a meal in the village Sklithro or Xino Nero. There you will find restaurants that have won "golden wooly hats".

Returning into the hotel you can relax by enjoying the pleasant qualities of our spa services.

Finally, a drink in our hotel or in one of the bars of the village completes your day.

Hotel Nymfes Hotel Nymfes Hotel Nymfes
Hotel Nymfes Hotel Nymfes Hotel Nymfes


3rd DAY

In the wineries of the region which are available to you, you can test different regional kind of wines and cater for yourself.


There are several wineries in the region which are available to the public, where you can try famous wines of the region.


There are also workshops of traditional food having as major ingredient the red peppers of Fiorina which you can visit


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